AfishTour Dry Bag 25L (ORANGE)


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AFISHTOUR waterproof 25L dry bag.

Material: 0.52MM 500D PVC

Capacity: 25L

Diameter: 32cm,height 80cm

Should Strap: One Strap


PVC Waterproof Design

The waterproof design protects the contents of the waterproof bag from being soaked by water and keeps it dry at all times. It is a must-have item for travel.

PVC Membrane Design

The special PVC membrane design inside the opening provides additional airtightness to prevent water from penetrating into the bag and damaging the contents of the waterproof bag.


  • Enough storage space
  • Floating design
  • Easy to remove the buckle

Floating Design

Waterproof bags can hold enough products and ensure that they will not be soaked by water. The waterproof bag can also float on the water surface, and can support people to float up if they encounter danger.

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