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Superior Stereo Sound

Composite PET polymer diaphragm with Apt X decoding tech provides rich detail of sound and CD-quality sound performance. You will totally immerse into the music world.

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Bluetooth 5.0

Support A2DP、AVRCP、HFP、HSP profile. Bluetooth 5.0 means you get more stable signal connection, longer connection distance, less audio transmission loss and lower input latency.

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Noise Canceling

The earbuds with built-in microphone support CVC 8.0 noise reduction, automatically reduce background noise to make sure you can be heard clearly on phone calls.

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One-Step Pairing

Bluetooth earbuds will automatically connect with the last paired device except the first using when removed from the charging case.

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Up to 24 Hours

6 hours playback time on a single full charge and the charging case extends playback time up to 18 hours. Enjoy long-lasting playback with earbuds.

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Touch Control

The touch control is easy to use to the users and can be used to activate voice assistant. No longer be tied down by cables again, enjoy true wireless freedom with earbuds.

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Ergonomic Design

The lightweight and compact design is for optimum wearing comfort. Multiple silicone eartips are included. They fit snugly and offer great sound isolation.

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IP55 Dust & Waterproof

The IP55 dust & waterproof earbuds prevent dust, rain and sweat, making them ideal for working out at the gym or anywhere else you love to exercise without worry of shorting out the earphones.

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Compact Charging Case

Magnetic design ensures that both buds will snap into place and fit securely in the case. The compact size is for easy carrying.

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  1. Marialena

    Love them! Very good product based on its price and great delivery procedure!

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