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Quad Grip For Maximum Holding Power

The PRO Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder has FOUR silicone grips that latch onto your phone with a “death grip,” providing the perfect protection for your technology. Additionally, it’s not a rubber grip that would age over time, and start to crack and grow hard with the changing weather. Your PRO Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder is designed to last years and provide an outrageously strong hold for years and years.

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One-Hand Instant Lock And Release

This signature feature sets PRO Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder apart from all others! As soon as you position your phone into the PRO Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder, it pushes down the central button, causing the clamps to lock shut in A FRACTION OF ONE SECOND! When you’re ready to take your phone and go, simply squeeze the release mechanisms on either side of the PRO Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder. The clamps don’t interfere with any of your phone’s buttons. It couldn’t be easier!

Fits ANY Phone

This deluxe phone mount fits ANY size phone from the iPhone 4 all the way up to the iPhone XS MAX – even with a large waterproof case. This is the only truly universal bike phone mount.

Fits ANY Handlebars

The PRO Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder is perfect for any kind of rider – mountain bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, electric scooter and more! It’s even suitable for cruising-type motorcycles in normal driving conditions.

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